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Feb 7, 2013 6:00pm EST
heard next month at the u.s. patent and trademark office. in the meantime all this talk of a possible redskins name change, it is lighting up the wusa facebook page. one viewer writes can it not be it? and why is it hateful? because it is not. another facebooker says to leave it alone. not everything is racially motivated. another response, the native americans might see it a little differently. if you could have them call on the redskins that we could have a teen be called the n word. sounds fair. it is just a great derogatory term as they are to the african americans. want to join in on the conversations? you could do it any time. just log on to wusa9's facebook page. >>> the search is on for the body of the 2-year-old little girl. apparently carded away in the trash. her mother is now charged with murder. annapolis police arrested the 25-year-old chelsea booth early this morning. >> i'm scott broom in annapolis junction, maryland. where at this hour annapolis police are using dogs to try to find the body of a murdered toddler in hundreds of tons of trash. kassidey booth. s
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
compensation is a free trip, $500. if they want to sue, they have to sue in the bahamas, not in the u.s. >>> something needs to be done. i've said it before. it's the job of the congress or whomever. >> that was cleopatra holly, her daughter hadiya pendleton killed in a shooting in chicago after just a week she and her drill team had performed in d.c. for the inauguration. that mother was back in washington today speaking out on gun control at the children's defense fund in northwest. also here in d.c. gathering at the lutheran church of the reformation on capitol hill a group known as moms rising prepared to deliver petitions to capitol hill supporting the gun control legislation. among the moms lori haas whose daughter was wounded at virginia tech. >> so i think after virginia tech there was a lot of grieving and a lot of sympathy and a lot of awareness, an immense support for all the survivors and victims and their families, but people realize that that support is not enough. >> moms rising claims to have gotten 150,000 signatures on this petition to congress. >>> senate republicans
Feb 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
change things. >> we'll see what happens later tonight. >>> today is the first of three days of u.s. and south korea and military exercises off the korean peninsula. the maneuvers were planned before north korea reignited tensions in that part of the world by planning a third atomic test, but south korean military officials say the training which involves an american nuclear sub could still send a warning to pyongyang. >>> coming up at 7:00 on 9 news a recent national tragedy could be making its way to the small screen. i'll tell you the details and location at 7:00. >>> still ahead the fcc is trying to make free wi-fi available to everyone. right after the break we'll tell you who is working overtime to make sure that doesn't happen. >> then which companies got to the end zone and which ones fell short when it comes to super bowl commercials? announcer: cbs tonight-- hawaii is going... (screaming) what kind of man kills a... ...cop in cold blood? re-creating a fan-favorite episode... hey! ...from the original hawaii five-o. you think he's going to kill again? the question is: how m
Feb 13, 2013 6:00pm EST
over, but some analysts say when the u.s. pulls out the war torn country will once again be overrun with violence. >>> the burned remains found in a cabin where police believe they cornered christopher dorner, the ex-l.a. cop wanted for a killing spree earlier in the month. police believe they tracked him down yesterday to the cabin near california's big bear ski area and during a furious shootout one law officer was killed and another wounded. the cabin caught fire, burned down. in the basement officers found a charred body and reportedly found id belonging to dorner. >>> the virginia state senate passed its version of a plan to raise money for roads, bridges and mass transit and it tiffs a lot from the plan passed -- differs a lot from the plan passed by the house of delegates and the governor. the plan raises the tax on gasoline rather than eliminates it. the bill heads to the house, then likely a conference committee and both chambers will try to hammer out a deal and the governor has to sign on as well. >>> no answers on drones, no confirmation, the threat from congressman rand
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
of the u.s. >>> the announcement no one on earth saw coming. benedict xvi becomes the first pope in six centuries to resign. we'll have the story tonight on >>> if you're a woman looking for a paycheck with zeros, you're living in the right place. according today data put together by forbes, the highest median income in the nation. that's a shade over $57,000 a year. rounding out the top five, san jose, california, comes in at number two. followed by bridgeport, connecticut, san francisco, california, and trinton, new jersey. >>> ways that ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference. >> tonight, randall pinkston introduces us to college students who are trying to protect the planet. >> people who break into those groups that talk about that. >> these are pioneers against climate change. meeting on a freezing winter day in pennsylvania. >> what is our messaging? >> helped start a campaign two years ago to pressure the school to sell investments. energy sources, including coal, oil, and natural gas. burning them releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and contributes to g
Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
bombing outside the u.s. embassy in ankara, turkey. that explosion ripped a door off the embassy, threw debris all over the street. turkey's prime minister says this is the work of a domestic militant group. >>> a changing of the guard of sorts at the state department. this was hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. hundreds of her colleagues stood in the hallways as she gave her good-bye speech. president obama says he thinks clinton will go down as one of the finest secretaries of state ever. former senator john kerry took over the post after taking the oath of office in a private ceremony. >>> the jury which found a former culpeper police officer guilty of manslaughter recommended a sentence today and he's looking at spending the next three years behind bars. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in culpeper where a jury decided that a former police officer will spend the next 36 months behind bars. the jury did not find harmon- wright acted with malice when he shot and killed patricia cook who was trespassing sitting in her jeep in a school parking lot. he says she clamped he
Feb 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
council building. the u.s. attorney says if it weren't for the heroic actions of leo action, he would have gone on to kill a lot of people. he is scheduled to be sentenced april 29. >>> d.c. mayor, vince gray, will spend $100 million on affordable housing. that sounds like a lot of money, but housing advocates say the need is so much greater. >> $100 million in building and preserving 10,000 units of affordable housing. >> it may have been the biggest ovation since he took office, and phillips was there in the audience when the mayor announced he will spend $100 million on affordable housing. >> i jumped up to my feet and i said yes, yes. >> we're getting the help that we need and hard working individuals to do homeownership in the district. >> she works for the d.c. government, maryland is on disability, both live in southeast d.c., and each qualifies for up to $40,000 in homeowner subsidies after completing the nonprofit housing program. >> i've seen every neighborhood and redeveloped, which is a good thing. but the bad thing is, i have seen hundreds of people in whole neighborhoods
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7